The challenges facing our local and global communities are increasingly complex and interconnected and demand a collaborative and integrated approach. They also require bold ideas fueled by a combination of technology and human ingenuity. Our Sustainability strategy focuses on bringing Products, Partnerships and People together, with a goal to develop solutions that are sustainable, inclusive, innovative and resilient.

We aim to:

1. Develop a more environmentally sustainable and resilient supply chain
2. Foster diversity and empower our people and communities
3. Expand our risk management procedures to operate efficiently and effectively

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Our 2021 accomplishments

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8,300 trees in parks as part of our sponsorship of 10 environmental groups across the U.S.

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$80,000 donated to promote environmental stewardship events with our partners

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4,084 tons of CO2 saved annually through green initiatives at offices and transportation optimization


2,630 lbs. of trash and debris removed from local waters in Atlanta and Charlotte


200 young people in 52 locations supported through our partnership with the NFL team, Carolina Panthers, and the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of the Carolinas


$10,000 donated to Inspiredu to help underserved youth develop skills through technology-based learning tools and engagement activities

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We continue to innovate and develop new products and solutions that enhance sustainability and resiliency across our supply chain and empower our shippers and carriers with new tools to thrive and strengthen their sustainability efforts.

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Beon™ Digital Logistics Platform

Beon, launched in 2022, is the culmination of our efforts to transform legacy supply chains into resilient and responsible value chains. Beon connects over 14,000 shippers to a capacity network of more than 850,000 drivers and 5,000 warehouses through a single point of access across all modes - in real time.

Beon’s data intelligence provides multimodal visibility and integrated reporting to inform decisions across every touchpoint of the supply chain. This helps our shippers identify savings opportunities, our carriers maximize asset utilization and create a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization.

Did you know?

Industry reports show carriers drive an empty truck without cargo 35% of the time. Our technology can reduce that number to 20%, avoiding approximately 390,000 empty miles, 640 tons of CO2  emissions and 65,000 gallons of fuel across our carrier fleet daily.

Did you know?

Carriers lose on average up to 40% of their time, almost four hours, waiting for loads to be loaded and unloaded at ports and warehouses. By reducing the average time trucks stay in idle mode by 18 minutes across our daily loads moved, we could save on average 1,000 gallons of fuel daily.

Beon™ Green

Beon Green focuses on improving efficiency and sustainability across the entire logistics cycle, from port to porch, to make a fundamental impact across the industry. It utilizes our proprietary technology and intelligent algorithms to recommend matches that make the movement of goods more efficient.

With an active network of 80,000 carriers and 5,000 warehouses, we continue to expand our partnerships with green carriers and smart warehouses.

Beon Green covers short-haul, long-haul, middle mile and final mile logistics.


Partnerships and strategic alliances across the supply chain industry play an important role in our ability to generate significant positive impacts beyond our own operations.


Partnership with ports

We work with every major port in the U.S. daily, particularly ports that follow higher sustainability standards, with a focus on reducing port congestion and carrier dwell time, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel savings.


Partnership with warehouses

Our partnerships across the country help us reduce congestion and carrier dwell time at warehouses, minimizing the long-haul movements from ports and return of empties, the time trucks stay in idle mode and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Partnership with green fleet carriers

We have established partnerships with various green carriers covering the U.S. domestic market that have large fleets of natural gas and hydrogen fuel cell trucks.


Partnership with academia

We have established research partnerships with the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics and Georgia Tech to evaluate novel ways to optimize efficiency and driver utilization in transportation logistics.


We recognize that our people are key to our ability to execute our sustainability goals.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We recognize the value each employee brings to our business. Each employee brings new experiences, backgrounds, skillsets and perspectives to our organization. Our DEI strategy focuses on increasing diversity, improving employee engagement and providing our employees with what they need to succeed in their careers.

Carrier Diversity
Our goal is to make a tangible impact across the supply chain. Because of our integrated and collaborative approach, we continue to work with minority, women and veteran-owned carriers and small shippers to integrate them into our network and develop tools and solutions that enable them to grow their business sustainably.

We are committed to contributing to the communities where we live and work. We partner with organizations that help us promote the development of equitable, healthier and resilient communities.

We are committed to creating a more sustainable world, by giving back and acting responsibly in the communities where we live and work. We are proud of the progress we have made in our environmental performance and the leadership we have demonstrated within our industry, realizing this is an ongoing process with much more to accomplish.


We believe that the transportation logistics industry has a lot to contribute to the global sustainable development efforts. Working together with our clients will allow us to develop novel solutions to our industry’s challenges, learn more about sustainability and make a fundamental impact across our industry. Real, tangible impacts will come from partnerships that result in replicable and scalable ideas to improve efficiencies across our industry.

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