Parcel Audit & Claims Management

The most comprehensive parcel audit in the industry.


By leveraging our technology and team of experts, we provide a comprehensive parcel audit including invoice, service and compliance audits. Through our technology and team, we identify gaps and make repairs to eliminate recurring issues. Our goal is to reduce the corrections each month, improving your overall cash flow.

We’ve got auditing of parcel invoices down to a science.

Our parcel audit is based on years of experience and robust technology. We ensure your vendors are following routing guides and carrier contracts so that your customer service meets your standards. We proactively follow up on refunds due based on the agreements you have in place.

Parcel Invoice

Invoice Audits

We audit parcel invoices to make sure you aren’t overpaying for parcels manifested but not shipped, address corrections, duplicate charges or residential adjustments.

Service Audits

Service Audits

If your company is paying for guaranteed service, Saturday pickup or delivery or other services, we confirm you get them. We also check for invalid pickup, as well as identify and follow up on lost or damaged packages.

Service Audits

Compliance Audits

Our experts provide thorough third-party compliance audits to ensure you and your vendors stay within your contracts. We check for everything from improper account usage to actual declared value.

Specialty Services

Parcel Claims and Recovery

Does your team have time to research parcel claims? Our specialized team collaborates with carriers to track down damages, take the recovery process to the package and get reimbursement where it is due. Nobody else in the industry goes that far. 

Specialty Services

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