Driving strategic decision-making.

Actionable insights from port to porch.

Beon Insight supplies the single source of truth you need to optimize your supply chain and shipping operations. Unlock access to robust dashboards to uncover detailed parcel analytics and start making informed, cost-effective decisions.

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Factory engineer hold tablet manage inventory control and delivery smart transportation through intelligent warehouse management system.Global logistic contribution and industrial innovative.

Integrated Analytics

Capture all the details of your operations, both historical and real-time, to uncover inefficiencies and find areas of opportunities. Drill down to see the underlying drivers of your business and improve decision-making using data.

Business intelligence

Data Visualization

From real-time dashboards to customizable reports, our cloud-based reporting allows you to quickly transform your organization’s transportation data into actionable insights in seconds. Now everyone in your company can access specific reports by function to drive your business forward.

Business intelligence
Business Intelligence and Expense Management

Freight Expense Management

Monitor every aspect of your transportation lifecycle from individual package-level detail reports to carrier performance monitoring. By overseeing your supply chain from a financial standpoint, you can know the true cost to service across location, department, product set, SKU and more.

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