From Tedious to Effortless: The Power of TMS Rate Shop


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Transportation managers face the challenge of efficiently getting loads out the door while juggling the tedious task of requesting multiple quotes from carriers. However, real-time rate shopping tools integrated into a web-based Transportation Management System (TMS) have simplified this process. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using a TMS rate shop tool and how it simplifies the carrier selection process, improves customer service and reduces manual effort.

Accurate and Efficient Quote Generation

A TMS rate shop allows transportation managers to access accurate quotes in a matter of seconds. Gone are the days of visiting multiple websites or contacting each carrier individually. By entering the load details – origin, destination, weight and class – into the TMS, a range of rates based on contracted pricing from various carriers is readily available. This streamlined process enables transportation managers to estimate shipment costs and select the best carrier option for each load quickly and effortlessly.

Expanded Carrier Network and Special Requirements Consideration

A TMS rate shop tool provides transportation managers with access to an extensive network of carriers, ranging from tier one national providers to regional and local partners. This wide pool of carriers ensures you have plenty of options to choose from, allowing you to find the carrier that best fits your specific shipment requirements, timeline and budget.

In addition to standard load details, a TMS rate shop also accounts for special requirements. Whether liftgate service or guaranteed delivery, you can include these specifications to ensure accurate pricing every time. This level of customization provides confidence that the quoted rates align precisely with your shipment needs. 

Enhanced Visibility with Automation

The rate shop tool not only delivers accurate cost estimates but can also automate markups based on customer or order number. This automation eliminates the need for manual calculations or additional communication within your organization. Sales, finance and customer service teams can easily access the critical information they need to make informed decisions and provide accurate quotes to customers.

Potential Cost Reduction with Spot Market Integration

If the available rates from your contracted carriers do not meet your requirements, a TMS rate shop tool often includes bid board functionality that allows you to put the load out to the spot market. This opens opportunities to leverage the competitive nature of the market and potentially drive costs even lower. By maximizing your options and utilizing the spot market, you can optimize cost savings while maintaining control of the carrier selection process.

Minimizing Manual Processes and Driving Compliance

By adopting a multimodal rate shopping tool within your TMS, you can minimize manual effort and drive internal compliance. The tool consolidates multiple carrier rates onto one screen, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual rate comparisons. With everything accessible in one place, transportation managers can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, saving time and avoiding errors.

Do Rate Shop Benefits Outweigh the Cost?

Transportation managers can simplify their carrier selection process and improve efficiency by leveraging the power of a multimodal TMS rate shop tool. With real-time access to accurate quotes, an extensive carrier network, consideration of special requirements and the potential to tap into the spot market, you can optimize cost savings and streamline operations. By minimizing manual processes and ensuring internal compliance, your organization can provide better customer service while driving business growth. Embrace the convenience of a multimodal rate shopping tool and experience the benefits it brings to your freight management journey.


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