Q3 2022 Transportation and Trends Forecast


Industry News & Trends

Get our expert analysis and forecast for next few months.

Our Q3 transportation industry forecast is a quick read, and a must-have for commercial transportation and logistics professionals at all levels.

Learn what current and emerging transportation challenges might mean for your business and get tips on how to maximize (or simply protect) your profitability through the constant change. This quarter’s forecast breaks it down every step of the way, from First Mile to Final Mile:

  • Examining Key Industry Data
  • Preparing for the First Mile Bullwhip
  • Truckload Carriers Loosen Their Grip
  • LTL: The Intersection of All Transportation Modes
  • Emerging Small Package Shipping Options
  • …and more

How your supply chain operates will impact every area of your business. Get perspective you can use to move ahead.

The Q3 2022 Forecast Guide is a must-read for anyone in the transportation industry.


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