How a TMS Bid Board Streamlines Freight Procurement


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Transportation Management Systems (TMS) have revolutionized the way logistics professionals manage their freight movements. In this blog, we will explore the concept of a TMS bid board and its benefits in terms of saving you time and money.

What is a TMS bid board and how does it benefit you?

A TMS bid board is a feature within leading TMS platforms that allows carriers to compete for your load with just one click. By utilizing bid board functionality, you gain access to a vast network of approved carriers. This gives you the opportunity to receive multiple bids, helping you secure the best possible price and service for your shipment.

How does a bid board work?

Gone are the days of manual entry and duplicated effort. Using a bid board is simple and efficient. All you need to do is enter the load details, including any specific requirements like equipment type and accessorials, on a single screen within your TMS. The system will automatically notify all relevant carriers serving that lane via email, inviting them to place their bids directly into your TMS. The bids will appear alongside any contracted rates, allowing you to easily compare and select the best option for your shipment.

What happens after the bidding process?

Once you select a spot-quoted rate from the bids received, the carrier is notified to confirm their capacity for the load. This seamless process helps to expedite the awarding of shipments and ensures that carriers are aware of their responsibilities.

After the bidding process, all bidders are notified of their status to ensure carrier compliance. This approach fosters transparency and accountability within your freight procurement process.

Save time, money and embrace best practices

Utilizing a TMS bid board not only streamlines your freight bidding process but also saves you time and money by eliminating manual processes. With the ability to engage multiple carriers instantly and receive competitive bids, you secure the best rates for your shipments without hassle.

By leveraging the power of technology, embracing best practices and automating bidding procedures, you can optimize your logistics operations, reduce costs and achieve more efficient freight management.

Carriers come to you

In today’s fast-paced logistics industry, time- and cost-saving solutions are paramount. TMS bid boards offer an effective way to ensure you are getting the best possible price for every load while simplifying the bidding process and improving carrier compliance. By integrating bid board functionality into your transportation management processes, you can stay one step ahead of the competition, save money and build valuable relationships with your carriers.


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