Transportation Insight’s E-commerce Expertise Drives Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

Enterprise Logistics Provider’s Retail Insights and Green Leadership Highlighted by Leading Publication

HICKORY, NC (December 13, 2018) – Transportation Insight, a multi-modal Enterprise Logistics Provider and business strategist, is featured in the Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) December cover story, “Retailers Leverage Brick-and-Mortar in an Amazon World.” Alongside success stories of leading retailers, Transportation Insight’s supply chain experts share best practices employed by many of its 1,500 clients. E-commerce fulfillment strategies integrating physical locations are among a portfolio of solutions that also earned Transportation Insight SDCE’s December award for serving as an industry role model in green supply chain practices.

“Since Amazon has reset shoppers’ expectations, an obsessive customer focus built on the timeless principles that a shopping experience with Amazon embodies will help retailers compete with Amazon,” says Transportation Insight Vice President of Parcel Solutions Charles Moore. “Retailers must provide convenience, speed, price and selection.”

Leveraging a robust portfolio of proprietary and commercial technology applications to capture, manage and act on supply chain data, Transportation Insight partners with retailers striving for Amazon-like performance to employ multi-modal solutions that improve customer service, while also reducing supply chain waste and environmental impact.

“The best experience is going to include having the product customers want, when they want it, at a competitive price with information available to make an informed decision and the delivery mechanism they want to use,” says Transportation Insight Vice President of Supply Chain Analytics John Richardson. “Converting to an omni-channel strategy forces a retailer to make certain changes to technology and processes in order to enable it. No matter what channels a retailer chooses to use, better visibility, increased data accuracy, efficient ordering and inventory placement of product benefits the retailer.”

SDCE cites Transportation Insight’s ability to combine analysis, intellectual capital and its hallmark Co-managed Logistics® approach to help clients achieve supply chain performance improvements as criteria for the 2018 Green Supply Chain Award. The award recognizes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2016 SmartWay® Excellence Awardee for helping clients streamline their supply chains through mode and carrier selection, comprehensive data management and logistics reporting and predictive supply chain analytics.

“Applying a continuous improvement mindset and deep multi-modal domain experience in a technology-rich platform, we’re able to customize high-impact network designs that realize efficiencies and protect profit. A byproduct of these efforts is a reduction of fuel usage, air emissions, vehicle miles and energy consumption across the global supply chain,” says Transportation Insight President and CEO Chris Baltz. “As we’re trusted by our clients to increase their long-term sustainability, we’re honored to be recognized for green best practices that also help our clients dominate their markets.”

Transportation Insight has helped facilitate significant improvement in enterprise logistics performance for retail clients. Improved inventory distribution strategies, rigorous parcel and freight billing audits and optimal carrier selection helped one national retailer achieve millions of dollars in annual shipping program savings. Transportation Insight’s experience-driven analysis also provided a deeper understanding of service failures and operational performance gaps that impact customer service.

“Retailers can reinvent themselves by providing a curated buying experience and giving buyers options for delivery times – from same day to next day, just like Amazon. By providing good customer service in the logistics operation, such as the ability to track shipments and alert customers if their orders will be delayed, you will increase customer satisfaction,” Moore says. “Superior customer satisfaction and service sets your business apart from the competition and ensures customer loyalty.”

With eight Pros to Know and Lean-certified tactical and strategic operators on staff, including 30 green belts, two black belts and a Master Black Belt, Transportation Insight not only identifies ways to improve supply chain processes, but also helps companies optimize packaging design. The logistics expert’s packaging optimization skillset can be especially impactful to companies with a significant e-commerce distribution component by minimizing the total landed cost and environmental impact of each shipped order.

“This year’s award recipients place a critical emphasis on green initiatives within their companies and supply chains,” says John R. Yuva, SDCE editor. “Our honorees serve as role models for supply chains globally to expand their reach and impact of green leadership.”

About Transportation Insight, LLC

Transportation Insight is a multi-modal, lead logistics provider with $3.9 billion in logistics spend under management. For nearly 20 years, the Enterprise Logistics Solutions Provider has partnered with manufacturers, retailers and distributors to achieve significant cost savings, reduce cycle times and improve customer satisfaction rates by providing customized supply chain solutions. Transportation Insight offers a Co-managed Logistics® form of 3PL, carrier sourcing, freight bill audit and payment services, state-of-the-art transportation management system (TMS) applications, parcel technology platform (audit, engineering, advanced analytics) and business intelligence. Serving over 1,500 clients, its logistics services portfolio includes domestic transportation, e-commerce solutions, supply chain analytics, international transportation, warehouse sourcing, LEAN consulting and supply chain sourcing of indirect materials including secondary packaging. Headquartered in Hickory, NC, Transportation Insight has secondary operating centers in Atlanta, GA, Bentonville, AR, Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC, Omaha, NE, Overland Park, KS and Salt Lake City, UT; service centers in Canton, OH, Charlotte, NC and St. Louis, MO; and client support offices across North America. For more about Transportation Insight, visit, email or call 833-421-0433.