Transportation Insight Introduces Next-Generation Business Intelligence Tool

Interactive Platform Leverages Parcel, LTL and TL Data to Transform Supply Chains

HICKORY, NC (October 28, 2019) – Transportation Insight, a leader in Enterprise Logistics solutions and services for the end-to-end supply chain, today introduces its next-generation Business Intelligence tool, Insight Fusion®.

A powerful analytics solution, Insight Fusion brings “real-time” visibility and actionable insights to transform supply chains and logistics programs. Transportation Insight demonstrates the powerful capabilities of this technology application during Parcel Forum 2019, Oct. 28-30 in Dallas. At Booth 108 small package shippers can see how Insight Fusion’s actionable intelligence output identifies real world budget impacts of changes in parcel carriers’ rates, surcharges and accessorials in 2020.

“Businesses need a single point of visibility covering all transportation modes to be able to see and manage how carrier rate increases, accessorial charges, geography and seasonal demand impact their transportation costs,” says Transportation Insight Vice President Supply Chain Analytics John Richardson. “With on-demand data access and best-in-class data visualization, Insight Fusion gives executives and tactical supply chain managers a new perspective on their transportation management strategy so they can identify business trends, support decision-making and improve performance.”

Insight Fusion centralizes transactional data for all logistics activity in one platform capable of assimilating output based on information gathered across the enterprise. This enables stakeholders to access information to improve Enterprise performance and profitability. By making evidence-based decisions, businesses reduce transportation expenses, improve customer service and mitigate financial and operational risks.

The Insight Fusion Dashboard provides actual weight breakdown by different opportunity buckets to empower clients to dig deep into the data. It offers accessorial analysis, such as the impact of changes to oversize package specifications, and so that parcel shippers can revise their processes to minimize cost impacts. Insight Fusion analyzes how to utilize alternative carriers and services, including SmartPost or SurePost, for more cost savings. The tool maximizes the value of the supply chain data to empower businesses to better manage an adaptive logistics network, leading to improved customer service, optimized inventory levels and reduced cost to serve.

Insight Fusion assimilates detailed and summary-level reporting, data visualization, interactive mapping and transportation document storage in one platform for a holistic view of an enterprise. An intuitive calendar allows clients to view seasonal order volume via historical shipment transaction data for more effective budgeting of labor and carrier volume requirements. The ability to see a consolidated view of all modes or service requirements allows for real time-in-transit analysis and review, helping companies to uncover savings opportunities.

“As small package shipping complexity increases, Transportation Insight’s deep parcel expertise helps omnichannel retailers and manufacturers analyze the impact from accessorial and rate changes happening now,” says Transportation Insight Vice President of Operations Todd Benge. “Businesses need visibility into how package characteristics impact distribution costs and an understanding of how geographical distribution can be optimized to reduce costs. Insight Fusion provides deep analysis of parcel programs in real-time to improve the cost to serve.”

Benge and Senior Parcel Operations Specialist Bernie Reeb present at Parcel Forum 19 for the 2020 Rate Impact Learning Pod on Wednesday, Oct. 30. Benge presents his insider insight on next year’s parcel carrier rates. Reeb, a 30-year parcel industry veteran, offers additional perspective on broader impacts of this year’s General Rate Increases. Transportation Insight showcases its Enterprise Logistics solutions, including Insight Fusion, in Booth 108 at Parcel Forum 19.

Schedule a demo of Insight Fusion today and learn how Transportation Insight helps companies go on the offensive by knowing what levers to pull to improve fuel cost, mitigate accessorial risk and grow profit.

About Transportation Insight, LLC

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